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The Food Magazine Issue 60

January/March 2003

Food Magazine 60

Football sells out to junk food brands
Top football clubs and national football organisations like the FA are allowing their school-linked health promotion activities to be compromised by fast food, confectionery and soft drinks companies.

Cyclamate to go - only five years late 
We exposed the high levels of this controversial sweetener in children's drinks, and it seems the EC is about to act.

Investing in obesity 
A leading investment bank warns that companies which sell foods that encourage obesity could face loss of sales and legal suits.

Bread, crisps, beans and soup - as salty as ever 
Despite food industry claims to be reducing the salt in processed foods, our survey shows that little has changed in 25 years.

Government advisory committee says cut kid's salt - but it won't be an easy task.

Labelling and the law - food labels must show the actual amounts of key ingredients, but as our special report shows, socks are better labelled than sausages.

A CAP on nutritional gains - the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) has successfully increased the production of meat and dairy foods, but has restricted fruit and vegetable production.