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The Food Magazine Issue 62 

July/September 2003

Food Magazine 62

BBC in row over Tweenies abuse 
The BBC is cashing in with children's characters The Tweenies, using them to sell a range of high fat, high sugar and high salt foods. We ask why the BBC, which is supposed to have a public-service ethic, is ignoring children's health in the pursuit of profit.

Cadbury's fingers bitten - follow up to Cadbury's report in FM61.

Manufacturers market formula milk to mums - A survey by The Parents Jury has found that good intentions to breastfeed can be undermined by free formula milk samples in 'Bounty packs'.

Salt advice was diluted - new government salt advice for children has been watered down to 'achievable' rather than 'ideal' levels, because so much salt is added to children's food.

Is a landfill crisis putting BSE back on our plates? - Meat and bone meal (MBM) from older cattle is banned from human consumption and use in agriculture, but with landfill sites rapidly filling up is there a danger of MBM re-entering the food chain?

FSA proposals are a 'rogue's charter' for processed meats - It isn't just excess water added to chicken that needs tough laws, it's the whole of the processed food supply.

Broadcasting bad health - In a special four page report, the Food Commission examines why food marketing to children needs to be controlled.

Children's menus - the best and the worst - It's summertime, and families are setting off on day trips and holidays. But what sort of children's menus will they find on their travels? The Parents Jury awards the best, and the worst.

Food surveys say we are eating less than ever before - so is the rise in obesity a result of lack of exercise, or are the dietary surveys getting it wrong? Tim Lobstein investigates.