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The Food Magazine Issue 69

April/May 2005

Food Magazine 69NHS endorsement for Panda Pops?
Panda Pops have been told to stop marketing its children's drink products as it they had been endorsed by the National Health Service.

Controlling the media
An apparently 'independent think tank' that questioned the extent of obesity is funded by food manufacturers.

Insurance and obesity risks
Insurance companies face a wide range of risks as the cost of obesity related diseases soar.

Processed meats are pumped up with water
The Food Magazine went looking for watery meat, and found the shelves awash.

Old cow back on plates
The government wants to end the rule banning cattle over 30 months old from entering our food supply. Can we all meat again?

Voluntary codes ignored
In the face of a food industry that is hugely resistent to statuatory regulation the government favours voluntary codes. But do they work?

French activists target irradiation firms

Children encouraged to advertise food to themselves
Advertisers have responded to growing criticism of food advertising by shifting into new marketing methods designed to encourage children to advertise food to themselves

Rulings from the Advertising Standards Authority

Allotment power
Behind clanging gates, scattered remnants of fly tipping and the unkempt banks of the Central Line, once vandalised allotments now provide a vibrant community garden for refugees and asylum seekers.

Tesco profits but workers pay a high price
ActionAid calls for trade justice

Can Omega-3 help prevent obesity?
Health claims linking omega-3 fatty acids to healthy hearts have been approved. Could anti-obesity claims also be added?