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The Food Magazine issue 70

July/September 2005

Food Magazine 70Food companies snare children in their webs
Makers of soft drinks, sweets and sugary cereals are designing websites to catch the attention of children barely six or seven years old.

Independent slammed for baby-milk ads
Campaigners fighting to protect infant health from baby-food marketing have criticised The Independent newspaper for running advertisements and advertorial from the baby-food company Milupa.

MPs petition for better food for children.

Food industry dishes up desserts full of salt
A Food Magazine survey reveals high levels of salt where consumers might least expect to find it - in desserts, cakes and biscuits.

How low can they go?
After our exposť of added water in processed meat products (see FM69) we dig a little deeper and find out what the law says about minimum meat levels.

Legal, decent, honest and true?
The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) now has responsibility for adjudicating on complaints for broadcast as well as print advertising. Its latest rulings have far-reaching significance for food advertisers.

Fat and malnourished?
Obese children may not be eating enough Ė at least in terms of essential vitamins and minerals. Tim Lobstein reports

Nutrition labels are designed to confuse
Itís more than 20 years since a senior government committee recommended clear and simple nutrition labelling. We still donít have it, and the government is proposing yet another voluntary labelling initiative. Will consumers ever get the information they need?

What the doctor reads
The latest research from the medical journals