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Which fast food meals are healthiest? Anyone’s guess!
Healthier school meals, but why aren’t they free for all?
Healthy packed lunches
Give artificial colours the red card
Enzymes: the hidden extras in almost everything we eat
Kids against cocoa slavery
The soft sell?
The cost of calories
Adverts undermine breastfeeding
A spoonful of sugar?
Does TV encourage teenage drinking?
Special report on folic acid fortification
'Five a day' the easy way?
Call for beam trawl ban
Changing climate for food choices
A matter of social justice
Kentucky Fried Coronaries? Doctor sues KFC for trans fats
New techniques for targeting children
Do we need a daily dose of bacteria?
Food and farming in China
Advertising regulator caves in to industry
Disney hesitates over junk-food ban
Methyl bromide passes its sell-by date
Aspartame: the litmus test for the FSA and EFSA
Stopping the rot in nutrition science
Stopping the rot in nutrition science (full article)
Chew on this
Nutrition, mental health and behaviour
TV ads to be hidden in programmes
Terminator is back
ASDA bows to pressure over fish supplies
Meat and dairy: where have the minerals gone?
The high cost of cheap food
Milk – with extra oestrogen?
EC butter scandal continues
Food companies snare children in their webs
And for dessert, madam – a salty sponge, perhaps?
Nutrition labels are designed to confuse
Processed meats are pumped up with water
Children encouraged to advertise food to themselves
A new year's revolution?
Scrambled labels
Checkouts still failing the junk test
Plants lose their value
Thirst for bottled water fuels food miles
Fish - made of soya?
Regulators say Frosties are not healthy
Do we need plant sterols?
Children's menus flunk nutrition standards
Tesco: where red means 'proceed'?
Nestlé attempts to lure schools with 'fuel' for kids
Trust me, I'm a doctor
Parents beware: Juice in juice drinks costs up to £34 per litre!
Food Commission publishes new guide to children’s food
Soft drinks or liquid candy?
Boots serves up flavoured water for newborns
Organochlorines and obesity
Parents Jury wins Caroline Walker Trust Award
Supermarkets told to Chuck snacks off the checkout!
Salt: FSA launches food-by-food strategy
Premium sausages fattier than ever
FDA requires trans-fat labelling
Salt advice to parents will be hard to achieve
Low benefit levels threaten babies’ health
Cadbury wants children to eat two million kg of fat - to get fit
Fighting food fraud and fabrication
Is Royal endorsement warranted?
UK fish eating habits die hard
Additives and 'unwanted effects'
Fast food chains under pressure to label menus
Hardship amongst plenty
Artificial promises
Famously poor role models?
Breast is better
Big Screen junk food and booze bonanza
Chuck snacks off the checkout
New Food Commission report on children's food in leisure venues
European Food Safety Authority lowers acceptable daily intake for three of the Southampton six
The Battle for good food at the 2012 Olympics
A farmer's diary - opening salvo - Farming v.2.0
Fishy business
Plan B - a different food system is possible
Baby Milk Action
Cuba's food production revolution
Minimum needs, minimum carbon?
Tree foods in Africa
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Press releases
Don’t keep us guessing: Campaigners call for more information on fast food menus
Are superbugs spreading on food?
Warning labels for coloured foods to become EU law
Campaigners call for KFC and Pizza Hut to follow US lead in calorie labelling
Warning labels for coloured foods: Campaigners call for stronger action
Success for Action on Additives: artificial colourings to be removed from food and drink
International appeal for European Commission to suspend use of suspect food additives
Campaigners call for action after EFSA decision on food additives and children’s health
One thousand reasons why suspect food additives are hard to avoid
Fruity food flavourings fleece shoppers
Suspect food additives still widely used in children's medicine
Parent power shines a spotlight on suspect food additives
Crackdown on additives needed
Additives should carry health warnings
Newspapers fail to support women's sport
Cookery magazines failing to protect endangered fish stocks
Banned food additives permitted in children's medicines
Do soap shows encourage teenage drinking?
Food watchdog says children must be more savvy to resist barrage of junk-food marketing
Food industry dishes up desserts full of salt
Food companies snare children in their webs
Processed meats pumped up with water
Children encouraged to advertise food to themselves
Ten tips for healthier eating and shopping
Kids' restaurant meals 'worse than school dinners'
Obesity: time for the industry to act
Parents beware: Juice in juice drinks costs up to £34 per litre!
Food Commission publishes new guide to children’s food
Food Commission welcomes BBC promise to cease Tweenies abuse
Supermarkets told: Chuck snacks off the checkout!
FSA review of advertising welcomed, but action is needed
Parents reject children’s menus in service stations and department stores
Health groups warn: World's children at risk from junk food marketing
ASA slams health claims on salty soups
Salt advice to parents will be hard to achieve
Babies’ health put at risk by low benefit levels
Cadbury asks children to eat two million kg of fat - to get fit!
Football sells out to junk food brands
Salty foods threaten child health
Food additives do cause temper tantrums
Tetley misled tea-drinkers, says ASA
Scientists in row over safety of irradiated foods
Cereals 'cannot be serious' says Food Commission
GMTV sells out to McDonald's
Health charities boost food company profits
Parents put food on trial
Supermarkets reject irradiation
Advertising regulators abandon slimmers
One loaf in seven contains GM soya
Health food companies snub FSA warnings
Breakfast bars 'stuffed with fats, sugar'
Additives used to promote junk food
Soy sauce contaminant is widespread in UK foods
Irradiated, illegal and on sale near you!
Fibre labels are 'chaotic'
Irradiated food returns in disguise
BSE - Nearly 80 dead but officials get knighthoods
Packed junk for lunch
Using cattle glands for human drugs
Food Commission slams dodgy press releases
Columbus eggs must drop 'protects heart' claim
Nestlé abandons baby biscuits
Survey gives burgers a grilling
Sugar horror in baby bikkies
'Medical foods' undermine public protection
New GM foods offer no consumer benefits
Remedies may be recipes for trouble
Schools reject gene foods
GM ingredients escape labelling laws
Milk hormone committee 'is rigged'
'GM free' must mean zero GM, says the Food Commission
Added vitamins lead to bad diets
Honey faces GM bombshell
'We have a right to know what we are eating'
Slimming foods are slow to shape up
Marge labels spread confusion
Nuts to the law!
Companies break sweeteners label law
Cheap sweeteners take over
Ministers accept proposed FSA voluntary ban on six suspect food colours
Campaigns and projects
Action on additives
Additives secondary school packs
Additives primary school pack
Eat less salt project
Background: Healthy eating at Hexagon
Frequently asked questions
Reducing your salt intake
Final project report ‘Healthy Hexagon, Eat Less Salt’
Parents Jury
Chuck snacks off the Checkout! 2005
Manufacturers market formula milk to mums
Children's menus: the best and the worst
BBC encourages children to eat junk food!
The Children's Food Awards 2003
The Children's Food Awards 2002
Parents say that food does affect their children's behaviour
Chew on this
Food Irradiation project
The Food Irradiation Campaign
Food Irradiation - the problems and concerns
Irradiated food in Europe and the UK
Attitudes to food irradiation in Europe
EU legislation
Frequently asked questions
Food Irradiation Network Updates
Press releases issued by The Food Irradiation Campaign
Good food for all
The impact of low wage employment
The cost of a socially acceptable healthy diet for low-income families
Good food for all. Related articles from The Food Magazine
Good food for all - useful links
Menu labelling campaign
Ignorance is not bliss when eating out, Report Dec08
Menu labelling campaign useful links
Reports published by The Food Commission
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