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Funding and support

Core funding for The Food Magazine’s campaign and investigative work has come from subscriptions and donations.

The Food Magazine (no longer available in print format) accepted no advertising but did accept occasional, loose promotional inserts. These were usually for campaigns, goods or services from not-for-profit organisations. Sometimes we accepted inserts from commercial organisations such as progressive publishers, for goods and services that we hoped would be of interest to our readers, and which were in keeping with our core principles and objectives.

Project funding was also recevied from charitable foundations, non-profit organisations, and local, national or international public-sector bodies (e.g. trading standards departments, educational authorities, national government departments, the European Commission, the World Health Organization).

Research projects are undertaken where we believe they will make a valuable contribution to public health, nutrition, improved food labelling, safer food, and/or a more sustainable food supply, and where findings will be placed in the public domain.

We receive considerable help from like-minded campaign organisations, health professionals, community health workers, academics, researchers, designers, individuals and volunteers who share our vision of safer, healthier food for all, and a sustainable food and agriculture system. They support our activities with invaluable advice, information, ideas, hours and inspiration. The success of The Food Magazine is in a large part due to their hard work and support.

The Food Commission (UK) Ltd is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee.

Company Registration Number: 2485176. VAT Number: 524 9331 48

The Food Commission

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