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Academic links / information for schools

Useful links for teachers, caterers and others involved with schools and nutritional health.

Chew on this

The Chewonthis website is designed for independent use by secondary school students aged 11-14 (Key Stage 3). The website will also be of interest to anyone who wants to know more about how our food is produced and its effects on our health and the environment.

Feed me Better

Jamie Oliver's campaign to ban the junk and get fresh, tasty and nutritious food back on menu for school children.

The Food Dudes

The Food Dude Programme, developed by psychologists at the University of Wales Bangor, is a successful initiative for use in primary schools to encourage and maintain healthy eating habits. Children enjoy the Food Dudes and both teachers and parents have praised the positive, long-term effect the programme has on children's diet.

Food in Schools

Published by the Department of Health and Department for Education and Skills, this website provides guidance and resources for anyone working in or with a school on food related activities throughout the school day.

Healthy School Lunches for pupils in Nursery Schools

Guidance from the Department for Children, Schools and Families.

The Meatrix

An award winning animated site from the US which highlights four ways in which factory farming affect us animal welfare, antibiotic resistant bacteria, pollution and destroyed communities. Factory farms also affect us in many other ways find out information on the wide range of factors that contribute to the devastating impacts of industrial agriculture.

School Food Trust

The School Food Trust was established by the Department for Education and Skills in September 2005. Its remit is to transform school food and food skills, promote the education and health of children and young people and improve the quality of food in schools.

School Nutrition Action Groups

School Nutrition Action Groups are school based alliances in which staff, pupils and caterers, supported by health and education professionals work together to review and expand the range of food and drink to increase the uptake of a healthier diet and ensure consistent messages from the curriculum and food service. SNAG is co-ordinated by The Health Education Trust.

Store Wars

Amusing, animated website from the US which spoofs Star Wars to promote organic food and agriculture.

ethical consumer logo

Ethical Consumer is the UK's leading alternative consumer organisation.

It researches the social and environmental records of companies. It provides:

  • unique buyers' guides which compare brands across 19 ethical criteria
  • direct access to a database containing the ethical records of over 50,000 worldwide companies
  • bespoke research into a company or product