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Ethical shopping

Commercial sites which encourage ethical shopping.

Ethical Consumer

Ethical Consumer provides information on consumer issues from an ethical viewpoint. They have the latest news on human rights, environmental and animal welfare campaigns and provide a range of in-depth features on ethical talking points and dilemmas.


Many everyday foods which we take for granted, such as coffee and bananas, are grown by small scale farmers in the developing world. Such farmers are sometimes forced into crippling debt and countless others lose their land and their homes because the prices they are paid may not even cover what it costs to produce their crop. The Fairtrade Foundation was set up to ensure that poor producers in developing countries receive a fair price for their produce, and that workers receive fair wages and decent working conditions.

The Foody

The Foody is an independent on-line resource covering all aspects of English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish food and drink. With hundreds of recipes both ancient and modern, a large list of farmers' markets, places to buy locally produced food and an events diary showing places to visit.

Green Guide Online

Online database which allows users to source everyday products and services from sustainable sources.

London Farmers' Markets

London Farmers' Markets is a small company that exists to provide Londoners with fresh local food, and to provide farmers with a good return for their work. LFM runs 12 farmers markets in London, selling produce sourced from within 100 miles of the M25. Producers raise, grow or bake everything they sell.

National Association of Farmers' Markets

Find out about farmers' markets in your area.


Traidcraft is the UKs largest Fair Trade organisation - helping poor communities, throughout the world, work their way out of poverty.


ethical consumer logo

Ethical Consumer is the UK's leading alternative consumer organisation.

It researches the social and environmental records of companies. It provides:

  • unique buyers' guides which compare brands across 19 ethical criteria
  • direct access to a database containing the ethical records of over 50,000 worldwide companies
  • bespoke research into a company or product