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The Food Magazine issue 59

October/December 2002

Food Magazine 59

Additives do cause tantrums.

Parents reject junk food sponsorship.

School vending machines rife with junk.

GM crops in Britain - no thank you!

Diners can choose safe restaurants.

Food irradiation: SCF ignores risks.

Irradiation and MEPs.

BSE - pet food may explain new cases.

Still 20 BSE cases per week.

British Beef: One rule for exports, another for home markets.

Advertising: Legal, decent. honest & true.

Five a day - companies jump on the fruit and veg bandwagon.

Smart Alex asks... about pet food.

Books from the Food Commission.

Do adverts make kids fat?

Food and tobacco interests join to undermine health.

Does the Atkins Diet work?

Science: What the doctor reads.