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The Food Magazine Issue 65 

April/June 2004

Food Magazine 65

Mod warns of burger threat
Under the banner 'Who Dares Slims' the UK Ministry of Defence has announced plans to tackle the 'growing problems in society of obesity and over reliance on junk food and their impact on military personnel's health and fitness.'

Parent Power works
BBC publishes nutrition policy... and Bob the Builder is shamed into action.

Nestlé and Nutricia target vulnerable families
Food companies continue to promote inappropriate food to vulnerable babies from low-income families, ignoring an international code drawn up to protect infant health.

Olympic challence to Coca-Cola 
Coca-Cola is the official sponsor of the Olympics, but athletes are banned from drinking it.

Market specialists highlight obesity as a profit opportunity
Obese people naturally have a larger skin area, and as international 'market information' company TNS points out, this could mean increased sales of skin care products, generating more profit.

Children's food as salty as ever
One year after the Food Standards Agency issued guidelines on maximum salt intake levels for children, we find that industry has done little to cut the high salt levels which are routinely added to children's foods.

How much does obesity cost?
Obesity is not just a personal health issue. There is also an urgent economic case for government action to tackle obesity.

The price of meat
Meat consumption is increasing across the globe, but how much longer can the world sustain a love for eating meat? Not for much longer, according to the figures.

Burning calories the slow way
Sit down and talk on the phone for 30 min and you can burn off 4 Kcalories! Or let the dog out of the back door - that's another 2 Kcalories burnt off! Check out our suggestions for other slow (and fast) methods of burning off the calories.

GI explained
Glycaemic Index figures are increasingly being used to try and sell processed foods as healthy, but very few people understand what the Index means. The Food Magazine answers some of your questions.

What's the beef?
In our pursuit of economic 'efficiency' in modern agriculture we have lost sight of the natural efficiency of old ways of farming. Stanley Challenger Graham laments our fall from wisdom.

CAP reforms will short-change farmers
Vicki Hird explains why anomalies in the latest Common Agricultural Policy reforms could force farmers to destroy ancient orchards