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The Food Magazine Issue 68 

January/March 2005

Food Magazine 68A new year's revolution?
Will the big food manufacturers really stop targeting children?

Organic certifier faces nutrition challenge
Should the UK's biggest organic certification body, the Soil Association, consider nutritional quality when it issues guidelines to its organic food processors?

Twenty years, and the fight rages on!
This year marks the 20th anniversary of the launch of the Food Commission - then the London Food Commission - to 'meet the needs of consumers and food workers'.

The next twenty years - what will we face?
Looking to the future, what issues may confront us in the years to come?

Privatising public health
The government's White Paper Choosing Health puts too much emphasis on individual choice and not enough on public responsibility, argues Sustain co-ordinator Jeanette Longfield.

Checkouts still failing the junk test
A survey of supermarkets has found Morrisons to be the worst chain for promoting junk food at the checkouts, knocking ASDA out of its long held first place in our league table

Plants lose their value
Continuing our look at the impact of modern farming on diet, we report on the loss of nutrients in plant foods.

Scrambled labels
Despite a tightening of the labelling rules last year, the labels on egg boxes can still leave consumers befuddled. We went shopping and found half-a-dozen, er... eggsamples.

When will WHO make a move on Codex?
A leaked report puts the World Health Organization's strategic plans on the spot.

Improving food access for Londoners
The Food Commission is undertaking a major piece of work for the London Development Agency, looking at how town planners and housing associations could improve access to healthy, affordable food.