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Food Magazine Issue 80

January/March 2008

Food Magazine 80Legal challenge to baby formula rules: A legal challenge by baby formula manufacturers has stopped the introduction of new rules to control the marketing of their products

Dutch choose sustainable fish: Shoppers in the Netherlands take serious steps to protect their seafood supply.

Choice on our high streets: The Competition Commission believes that to provide shoppers with more choice we need more big supermarkets.
Such logic poses an immense threat to our remaining independent shops.

Government promises to tackle obesity: The Government is trying, again, to cut obesity levels. Will a new 372 million strategy called Healthy Weight, Healthy Lives make any difference?

Trans fats and fast food: Are fast food eaters at more risk?

Egg labelling: The ongoing battle to find out where our eggs actually come from.

Give artificial colours the red card: Research has confirmed a link between certain food additives and hyperactivity. Anna Glayzer investigates the use of these in children's medicines.

Healthy food costs more: The price difference between healthy and less healthy foods is increasing, and the difference is greatest in low income areas.

High art, low wages: It is not easy to purchase a healthy diet on a low wage. Campaigners are challenging employers like the Tate Galleries to pay their workers a 'Living Wage'.

Feeding the thousands: Most of us would balk at feeding ten dinner party guests, never mind thousands of strangers. And yet, this is what Sikh temples do every week. Jessica Mitchell reports.

Meat eater's dilemma: Animal welfare concerns and meat scare stories have dominated the headlines since the 1980s. But finally, the environmental impact of livestock products is being officially recognised.

Faking the flavour: Flavouring is a frequently over-looked ingredient which crops up in much of our food and drink. But, why does our food need extra flavourings and what are they made from? Ian Tokelove investigates.

Liquid candy and crunchy nuts: An international alliance of campaign organisations, including The Food Commission, is calling for tighter controls on the marketing of sugary drinks. But, soft drinks are not the only sugary problem, as The Food Magazine reports.

Obesity - make industry solve the problem: Respected US lawyer Stephen Sugarman wants to put a legal duty on food companies to reduce child obesity levels. Tim Lobstein reports.

FSA challenged to define 'seasonal': Consumer, environment and food groups have protested to the Food Standards Agency (FSA) about the misuse of food labelling terms.

Breaking the rules on baby food: A new report details the insidious ways companies undermine breastfeeding.

Legal, decent, honest and true? Misleading food and drink advertisements are supposed to be regulated by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). Here we report on recent adjudications.

Feeding kids, Protecting our orchard heritage, Swindled, Planet chicken