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Food Magazine issue 83

September/December 2008

Food Magazine 83Fast food chains under pressure to label menus
In a Food Magazine quiz, 82% of parents and childminders failed to get more than one correct answer when asked about the nutritional content of items listed on kids’ menus at fast food chains.

No standards for nursery food
Nurseries are feeding toddlers with foods that are banned or heavily restricted in primary and secondary schools in England and Wales.

Good food for the future
As part of its campaign to place good food firmly on the political and public agendas, the Caroline Walker Trust is calling for independent voices to challenge policy decisions and to lobby for better nutritional standards for, “those whose voices may not be heard.”

Sustainable communities in action
Campaigners are calling on councils around the UK to take advantage of the new Sustainable Communities Act to help build thriving communities, and vibrant local food systems.

Europe starts to rule on health claims
Early this year more than 3,000 dossiers were submitted to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) with lists of the health claims food companies use or plan to use, and the scientific evidence they hope backs the claims up. At the time of writing, EFSA had so far ruled on 22 health claims, giving positive opinions on just five.

Energy drinks likely to fuel flab
Weary consumers should be cautious when reaching for bottles of ‘pick-me-up’ energy drinks, which can contain up to 22 teaspoons of sugar in a single bottle. The bottles promise ENERGY but fail to explain that this energy is mostly derived from added sugars – nor do they explain that the excess calories are naturally stored by our bodies as fat.

Action on additives
A year after The Food Commission launched, Ministers have agreed to pursue a voluntary ban on the use of six artificial colours.

Government asks junk food companies to save us from obesity
Jessica Mitchell investigates government and industry partnerships and asks whether they are necessary to promote dietary health.

A feast for wasps and us
Jessica Mitchell joins in harvesting apples for free distribution to low income communities.

Stuffed & starved
Raj Patel explains food sovereignty for beginners.

Size matters when nano is on the menu
Dr. Naomi Salmon explores the tiny particles of nanotechnology and how industry is using them to drive its own food agenda.

Food safety specialists under threat
The Food Magazine investigates continuing cutbacks to funding for our frontline food safety experts – public analysts.

Going hungry at home
Dr. Helen Crawley of the Caroline Walker Trust considers whether current systems of home care for people over 65 are in a fit state.

Poor meat hygiene
Poor hygiene practices in abattoirs could be jeopardising public health, according to meat hygiene inspectors.

Crunching on Kellogg’s all day, every day
How many times a day do you or one of your children eat a high sugar Kellogg’s product? 

Hardship amongst plenty
Nina Oldfield undertook research for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation that shows more than 20% of people in the UK do not even have a minimally acceptable standard of living.

Legal, decent, honest and true?
Misleading food and drink advertisements: Offensive Oasis, Maltesers the lighter way to enjoy chocolate? Supplement brochure did mislead, Jaffa cakes not ‘low in fat’, Eye-q capsules and chews.