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Cookery magazines failing to protect endangered fish stocks

12th June 2007

A survey published in the latest edition of The Food Magazine reveals that many popular cookery and women's magazines appear to be doing nothing to prevent the destruction of endangered fish stocks. The survey, conducted in spring of this year, checked to see if 16 popular magazines provided any guidance on purchasing non-endangered fish, but found that most gave no information at all. The magazines have a combined circulation of around 3 million every month, with around 1,5 million readers receiving no information on the importance of buying fish from sustainable stocks.

Over 70% of the world's wild fish stocks are over-exploited, with some of the most familiar of fish such as tuna, cod, swordfish and plaice in serious decline, either everywhere, or in over-fished oceans.

Popular magazines such as She, Prima, Top Sante, Best, Diet & Fitness, Slimming World and Fresh gave absolutely no information on sustainability with their recipes. Only BBC Good Food and Delicious magazines provided their readers with useful sourcing information, stressing the need to purchase from sustainable stocks.

Jessica Mitchell, author of the survey, said, "Magazine editors need to take responsibility for the advice they give their readers. They can provide the information that consumers need if they are to choose fish from sustainable stocks, rather than publishing recipes that encourage the destruction of endangered stocks."

Consumers (and magazine editors) are encouraged to visit to find out which fish are recommended and which should be avoided. Shoppers seeking fresh, sustainably sourced fish from supermarkets should visit Waitrose or Marks & Spencer, both of which have "excellent" sustainable seafood policies according to Greenpeace.

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