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Parents Jury wins Caroline Walker Trust Award

The Caroline Walker Trust awards recognise the work of those who seek to improve public health through good food. Previous winners have ranged from scientists with international reputations to local food & community groups. (05/11/2003)

Supermarkets told to Chuck snacks off the checkout!

A new Food Commission campaign will call for supermarkets, grocery stores and pharmacies to stop displaying snacks at the checkouts, and to put such products out of temptation's reach. (21/10/2003)

Salt: FSA launches food-by-food strategy

In a remarkable challenge to the food industry, the government's Food Standards Agency has told manufacturers it wants to see 50% of the salt cut from bacon and ham, 60% cut from sauces and 80% cut from canned vegetables. (21/10/2003)

Premium sausages fattier than ever

A new survey of sausages finds that the highest quality 'premium' lines have risen in fat content from 15% to 21% since a previous survey in 1991. Salt levels in standard products have also increased. (21/10/2003)

FDA requires trans-fat labelling

The American Food and Drug Administration has told food companies that from January 2006 they must declare on the label the amount of trans-fat in their products. But UK consumers will still be denied this information. (21/10/2003)

Salt advice to parents will be hard to achieve

The Food Magazine warns that new government guidelines for reducing children’s salt consumption will be difficult for parents to achieve without a significant reduction of salt in processed foods, and better food labelling. (14/05/2003)

Low benefit levels threaten babies’ health

Most pregnant teenagers are not eating a healthy diet during their pregnancy, with many reporting that they cannot afford to do so, according to a new survey published by the Food Commission and the Maternity Alliance. (28/04/2003)

Cadbury wants children to eat two million kg of fat - to get fit

The government has endorsed a commercial scheme to promote fatty, sugary snacks to primary and secondary school children. The Food Commission investigates. (28/04/2003)

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