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Enzymes: the hidden extras in almost everything we eat

Enzymes modify the raw ingredients of the food we eat and the food itself, but they go unmentioned in ingredients lists and manufacturers remain curiously shy about their use. Ian Tokelove reports. (28/11/2007)

Kids against cocoa slavery

Chocolate manufacturers such as Nestlé, Mars and Cadbury are not doing much to stop child slavery in the Ivory Coast, so school kids in Tonbridge Wells are taking a stand. (05/08/2007)
The soft sell?

The soft sell?

We do not expect ice creams and ice lollies to be healthy – after all, they are basically a frozen, sugary treat, but what is really in them? (05/08/2007)

The cost of calories

The Food Magazine went out shopping in a low-income area in inner East London, to see how much food cost in terms of the calories you can buy for your pennies. (05/08/2007)

UK fish eating habits die hard

The leading recipe magazines sell millions of copies and feature many fish recipes. Could they be hastening the destruction of endangered fish stocks? (11/06/2007)
Additives and 'unwanted effects'

Additives and 'unwanted effects'

In the last Food Magazine we revealed that many over-the-counter children’s medicines contain additives which are banned from food and drink for the under-threes. Here we reveal what the labels do (and don't) tell us. (11/06/2007)
A spoonful of sugar?

A spoonful of sugar?

Most additives are banned from foods and drinks for the under threes, but medicines for babies and young children often contain a cocktail of the very same additives. Ian Tokelove and Annie Seeley report. (09/03/2007)

Does TV encourage teenage drinking?

The Food Magazine takes a look at alcohol in television soap operas and finds that alcohol accounts for considerable screen time in many popular soaps. Cally Matthews reports (09/03/2007)

Special report on folic acid fortification

Report on The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition's recommendations relating to folic acid fortification in the UK, with specific reference to women of childbearing age and pregnant women. (09/03/2007)

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