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Fish - made of soya?

Continuing our series on the effects of modern farming on our dietary health we look at fish, and ask whether the feed given to farmed fish reduces their nutritional value. (03/11/2004)

Regulators say Frosties are not healthy

Kellogg's has been told by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to withdraw advertising implying that Frosties cereal is healthy. (03/11/2004)

Do we need plant sterols?

Do healthy people need to eat foods with added plant sterols, like Flora Pro-activ or Benecol? (03/11/2004)

Thirst for bottled water fuels food miles

In a supermarket survey, the Food Magazine has found bottled water that has travelled more than 10,000 miles (16,000km) to reach UK consumers. (02/11/2004)

Trust me, I'm a doctor

Apparent endorsement by health advocates such as Dr Hilary Jones and the NHS are being used to persuade the public to believe the health claims made by advertisers, writes Kath Dalmeny. (26/07/2004)

Nestlé attempts to lure schools with 'fuel' for kids

Food manufacturers know there's money to be made in our national institutions, where 'choice' is the current buzzword. Using hospitals & schools as outlets, they offer a range of brands, but healthy choices are rare. (26/07/2004)

Tesco: where red means 'proceed'?

Tesco has promised to use 'traffic light' labels to indicate levels of fat, sugar & salt in its products. But shoppers will face shelves of red warnings, as even their 'Healthy Living' range includes some unhealthy surprises. (26/07/2004)

Children's menus flunk nutrition standards

A new report on children's meals served in restaurants, cafés and leisure centres has uncovered a nutritional nightmare. Annie Seeley reports. (26/07/2004)

Parents beware: Juice in juice drinks costs up to £34 per litre!

Most squashes and juice drinks are mainly water and sugar, with a dash of juice to make them seem like a healthy choice - often pumped up with additives to make them seem more fruity. (29/04/2004)

Food Commission publishes new guide to children’s food

Children deserve the best food and drink we can provide, but research shows that most children are eating a dangerously unbalanced diet, high in saturated fats, sugar and salt, and low in fruit and vegetables. (23/04/2004)

Soft drinks or liquid candy?

A Food Magazine survey reveals that a single drink of Ribena or Lucozade could give you as much sugar as several packets of sweets. Either drink would exceed a child's recommended maximum sugar intake for the whole day. (28/01/2004)

Boots serves up flavoured water for newborns

Boots launches a range of flavoured water for babies. Not only is this a very expensive way of buying water (over £5 per litre); but do babies really need their first contact with water to be adulterated with flavourings? (28/01/2004)

Organochlorines and obesity

Researchers are concerned that environmental contaminants that affect hormone function in humans, including the oestrogen-like activity shown by organochlorines such as DDT, may be increasing our risk of excess body weight. (28/01/2004)

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