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Adverts undermine breastfeeding

Companies spend around £20 a year, per baby, promoting their products. Meanwhile, the UK Government spends a measly 14 pence promoting breastfeeding for those same babies. (23/11/2006)

'Five a day' the easy way?

The Department of Health's ‘five a day’ logo may have been ignored by most food manufacturers, but they've not been slow in piggy-backing the advice that we should eat at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. (23/11/2006)

Call for beam trawl ban

Destructive fishing methods result in a quarter of all fish caught being thrown away. The Food Magazine reports. (23/11/2006)

Changing climate for food choices

The Government has received its most convincing warning yet that we must all take action to tackle climate change, but failed to emphasise food as one of the main ways to deliver change. (23/11/2006)

A matter of social justice

Food Magazine asks: what income do people need to have a decent life? (23/11/2006)

Food and farming in China

Emma Hockridge reports on food and farming in the world’s fastest growing economy. (24/08/2006)

Do we need a daily dose of bacteria?

The market for 'one-a-day' probiotic and prebiotic products is huge, but are they necessary? Ian Tokelove reports. (24/08/2006)

New techniques for targeting children

As Ofcom dithers over the control of TV junk food advertising, the advertisers are finding new ways to connect to children. Ian Tokelove reports. (24/08/2006)

Kentucky Fried Coronaries? Doctor sues KFC for trans fats

Colonel Sanders may lose his finger-lickin' appeal if a private lawsuit in the US wins when it gets to court. (24/08/2006)

Stopping the rot in nutrition science (full article)

Barrie Margetts, Editor in Chief of Public Health Nutrition, examines the issue of fraudulant and commercially motivated nutrition research. (21/05/2006)

Stopping the rot in nutrition science

Barrie Margetts, Editor-in-Chief of the scientific journal Public Health Nutrition, examines the issue of commercially motivated and sometime fraudulent nutrition research. (21/05/2006)

Aspartame: the litmus test for the FSA and EFSA

Erik Millstone, Professor of Science Policy at the University of Sussex, warns that recent research into the artificial sweetener aspartame is being ignored by food regulators. (21/05/2006)

Methyl bromide passes its sell-by date

More than 5,000 farms and organisations joined forces with the United Nations Environment Programme in April to reinvigorate the phase-out of an agricultural fumigant that damages the ozone layer. (21/05/2006)

Disney hesitates over junk-food ban

In May, the press hinted that Disney might cease to associate its popular children’s characters with junk food, after the entertainment company ended a 10-year partnership with McDonald’s. A change of heart? We fear not. (21/05/2006)

Advertising regulator caves in to industry

It has taken over two years for Ofcom to suggest how it might regulate junk food ads aimed at children. It wasn’t worth the wait, says Richard Watts of the Children’s Food Bill campaign. (21/05/2006)

Chew on this

A new children's food website designed to inform young teenagers about processed foods and the marketing techniques used to promote such foods. (29/01/2006)

Nutrition, mental health and behaviour

A healthy diet can do more than lead to a healthy body. Courtney Van De Weyer reports on the latest research linking nutrition to behaviour and mental health. (29/01/2006)

TV ads to be hidden in programmes

Anyone noticing the odd reference to food products during TV shows have not seen anything yet. Under new proposals from the EU such covert advertising, known as 'product placement', is set to boom. (29/01/2006)

Terminator is back

Discredited ‘Terminator’ technology is being relaunched by biotech companies. Terminator technology, patented in the US in 1998, sterilises seeds in order to force farmers and gardeners to buy new seed each season. (29/01/2006)

ASDA bows to pressure over fish supplies

Supermarket ASDA has promised to improve the sustainability of its fish supplies after coming lowest in a list of supermarkets rated for their fisheries policies. (29/01/2006)

Meat and dairy: where have the minerals gone?

The mineral content of popular meats and milk products has fallen significantly. The Food Magazine reports. (29/01/2006)

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