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Food Commission press releases

This page provides an archive of press releases from the Food Commission and The Food Magazine, 1998 to 2008. Many of the stories from our independent research and scrutiny of the food industry and its effect on our health and on the environment have made national and sometimes international news headlines.

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BSE - Nearly 80 dead but officials get knighthoods

Reckless car drivers can get prison sentences, but the drivers of government BSE policy throughout the 1980s and '90s got knighthoods. (24/10/2000)

Nestlé abandons baby biscuits

Following Food Commission criticism of Nestle's over-sweet baby biscuits, the company has announced that it is to withdraw its Junior range of baby foods. (22/10/2000)

Columbus eggs must drop 'protects heart' claim

Following a complaint by the Food Commission to the Advertising Standards Authority, Deans Farm, producers of Columbus eggs, has been told to withdraw its claim that the eggs can 'help protect the heart'. (22/10/2000)

Food Commission slams dodgy press releases

Press releases can tell fibs about food - and nobody can stop them. (22/10/2000)

Using cattle glands for human drugs

Abattoirs have been an unregulated source of material for veterinary and human medicines. Farmer Joanna Wheatley asks whether humans caught Mad Cow Disease from the parts of the animal we don't eat (22/10/2000)

Packed junk for lunch

As children went back to school in September, the big retailers rolled into action with their usual habit of promoting unhealthy food for kids' packed lunches. (22/10/2000)

Survey gives burgers a grilling

With half of teenagers now eating three or four burgers every week, a new report from the Food Commission published today says most frozen burgers are fatty, over-salted products pumped up with non-meat fillers, water and flavour boosting ingredients. (22/07/2000)

New GM foods offer no consumer benefits

The consumer benefits of the next generation of GM foods - those with nutritional modifications - are being overstated by the biotech industry, says a new research report launched today. (12/04/2000)

Sugar horror in baby bikkies

Biscuits specially designed for babies and toddlers are sweeter than jam tarts and doughnuts, according to the Food Commission. Sweet biscuits are the number one cause of tooth decay in infants aged 1 - 2 years. (30/01/2000)

'Medical foods' undermine public protection

The Food Commission has criticised proposed new legislation that allows 'medical foods' to be widely sold and advertised, saying that the regulations will undermine laws designed to prevent the public being misled. (30/01/2000)

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