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Food Commission press releases

This page provides an archive of press releases from the Food Commission and The Food Magazine, 1998 to 2008. Many of the stories from our independent research and scrutiny of the food industry and its effect on our health and on the environment have made national and sometimes international news headlines.

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Food industry dishes up desserts full of salt

A Food Magazine survey reveals high levels of salt where consumers might least expect to find it - in desserts, cakes and biscuits. (31/07/2005)
Food companies snare children in their webs

Food companies snare children in their webs

Food marketing websites aimed at children are rife with marketing techniques that would be banned in print and broadcast advertising. (31/07/2005)

Processed meats pumped up with water

Trusted companies such as Bernard Matthews, Mattessons and Ye Olde Oak are selling meat products that contain an estimated 10 to 20% added water. (26/04/2005)

Children encouraged to advertise food to themselves

Food manufacturers are shifting into new marketing methods designed to encourage children to advertise food to themselves. (26/04/2005)

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