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Food Commission press releases

This page provides an archive of press releases from the Food Commission and The Food Magazine, 1998 to 2008. Many of the stories from our independent research and scrutiny of the food industry and its effect on our health and on the environment have made national and sometimes international news headlines.

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Health food companies snub FSA warnings

Two leading health food companies - Holland & Barrett and Peter Black Healthcare (Red Kooga) - are continuing to sell irradiated food supplements, despite repeated warnings that the products are probably breaking the law (22/10/2001)

Breakfast bars 'stuffed with fats, sugar'

Replacing a nutritious breakfast with a substitute 'breakfast bar' could be a nutrition nightmare, according to Food Magazine survey. Tests of 18 products showed that all of them were either high in fats or sugars, or both. (22/10/2001)

Additives used to promote junk food

Nearly three-quarters of the foods which use additives are high in sugar, salt or fat, and are foods which the Department of Health urges us to cut back on, according to a survey published in today's Food Magazine. (22/10/2001)

Soy sauce contaminant is widespread in UK foods

The cancer-causing chemical found in soy sauce, 3-MCPD, is also found in a wide range of UK-made foods, according to a survey the government published quietly last February. (19/07/2001)

Irradiated, illegal and on sale near you!

Irradiated food products are illegally being sold in the UK despite retailers' claims that their food is not irradiated, reports the Food Magazine today. (06/02/2001)

Irradiated food returns in disguise

The Food Commission today warned consumers to be alert for irradiated food which may be labelled as 'electronically pasteurised' or 'ion-beam sterilised' or use other deceptive descriptions. (22/01/2001)

Fibre labels are 'chaotic'

The Food Commission slams nutrition labelling laws on dietary fibre as 'chaotic' and says that new proposals from the Food Standards Agency will, 'make a bad situation worse'. (21/01/2001)

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