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Food Commission press releases

This page provides an archive of press releases from the Food Commission and The Food Magazine, 1998 to 2008. Many of the stories from our independent research and scrutiny of the food industry and its effect on our health and on the environment have made national and sometimes international news headlines.

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Supermarkets told: Chuck snacks off the checkout!

Major supermarkets are being told by parents not to display sweets, crisps and soft drinks at the checkouts. The practice deliberately targets children with junk food, they say. (21/10/2003)

FSA review of advertising welcomed, but action is needed

The Food Commission welcomes the publication today of the Food Standards Agency's review of research into the effects of food promotion to children, undertaken by the University of Strathclyde. (24/09/2003)

Parents reject children’s menus in service stations and department stores

A Parents Jury of nearly 1,500 parents has judged the quality of children’s menus around the UK, giving awards to the best and worst children’s food on offer. (29/07/2003)

Health groups warn: World's children at risk from junk food marketing

The health of the children around the world is put at risk by the marketing of junk food, says a report from the Food Commission issued today. (28/07/2003)

ASA slams health claims on salty soups

The Food Commission welcomes the Advertising Standards Authority ruling against an advert for Knorr Vie soup which claimed that one carton of Knorr Vie soup could contribute up to three portions of vegetables. (08/07/2003)

Salt advice to parents will be hard to achieve

The Food Commission warns that government guidelines for reducing children’s salt consumption will be difficult for parents to achieve without a significant reduction of salt in processed foods, and better food labelling. (14/05/2003)

Babies’ health put at risk by low benefit levels

Most pregnant teenagers are not eating an adequate diet, putting their babies’ health at risk, according to a new report published today by the Maternity Alliance and the Food Commission. (28/04/2003)

Cadbury asks children to eat two million kg of fat - to get fit!

Chocolate manufacturer Cadbury will ask school children to purchase 160 million bars of chocolate to exchange for 'free' sports equipment, in a marketing scheme to be launched at the beginning of May. (28/04/2003)

Football sells out to junk food brands

Premier League football clubs and national football organisations are allowing their school-linked health promotion activities to be compromised by fast-food, confectionery and soft drinks companies. (26/01/2003)

Salty foods threaten child health

Despite food industry claims that they have been working for years to reduce the salt in processed food, a Food Magazinesurvey shows that many products – especially those aimed at children – are saltier than ever. (26/01/2003)

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