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The Food Magazine issue 8The Food Magazine issue 8

Campaign hopes for the 90s. Food irradiation campaign. Comparing fat spreads. The case for aquaculture. Prison food. Who will own GM crops? Guide to catering hazards. Germaine Greer on food and sex. (31/12/1989)

The Food Magazine issue 7The Food Magazine issue 7

Microwaves fail to kill bacteria. Alar pesticide in everyday foods. Government inaction on fish fingers. Low-alcohol wine stronger than lager. Navigating labelling. Pesticides in cocoa production. Pregnancy risk from cat parasites. (30/09/1989)

The Food Magazine issue 6The Food Magazine issue 6

Pamela Stevenson takes a pesticides test. Juice drinks - sometimes just sweet coloured water. Hazards of microwave ovens. Fortified junk. MAFF centenary. Supermarket policies on South African food. Benefit cuts for the homeless. (30/06/1989)

The Food Magazine issue 5The Food Magazine issue 5

An action plan for Britain's food. Can BSE get into food - neurologist warning. Aluminium in baby milk brands. 'Premium sausages' a rip-off. Examining gripe water. Global warming. The 1980s - a dietary disaster for poor people. (29/06/1989)

The Food Magazine issue 4The Food Magazine issue 4

Comparing supermarkets on nutrition and environment. Baby milk boycott. Excess milk production. Egg facts. Meat hazards. Just six companies sell 70% of our food. Teach yourself to read labels. (29/03/1989)

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