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The Food Magazine issue 32The Food Magazine issue 32

The saccharin generation. Health claims slammed. Soya milk. MAFF food survey. Gum Arabic standards. Junk food ads survey. Hidden beef ingredients. Artificial sweetener use grows. Instant coffee's green credentials. Why we need fish oil. (31/12/1995)

The Food Magazine issue 31 The Food Magazine issue 31

Irradiation. Danish hormones. Soya baby milk. GM tomatoes. Mad cow disease. Functional junk. Nutrition Task Force. Carageenan controversy. Milk top madness. Veggie sausages and burgers. The latest on food poverty. Comment: vegetarian hypocrisy. (30/09/1995)

The Food Magazine issue 30The Food Magazine issue 30

Special 10th anniversary edition. Pester power. Carrot pesticides. Ink contamination. Food irradiation. Ethical retailing. Olestra. A decade of food campaigning. Baby foods fail the test. Loopy Labels. Fat-reduced junk. The struggle over salt. (30/06/1995)

The Food Magazine issue 29The Food Magazine issue 29

Soil Association halts calf trade. Illegal irradiation found. NZ ministry probes soya milk. ASA slams butter ads. School meals fail kids. Fruit, not supplements. UK permits three GM foods. Toddler drinks survey. Factory farming feature. (31/03/1995)

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