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The Food Magazine issue 71The Food Magazine issue 71

The high cost of cheap food. Acrylamide. US nutrient advice hijacked. Balance of good health. Oestrogen in milk. Nestlé and Fairtrade. Food co-ops. EC butter scandal. Alcoholic milk drinks. (14/10/2005)

The Food Magazine issue 70The Food Magazine issue 70

Food companies snare children with websites. Baby milk adverts. Salty desserts. Low meat content in products. Obese children malnourished. Nutrition labels are designed to confuse. MPs petition for better food for children. (14/07/2005)

The Food Magazine Issue 69The Food Magazine Issue 69

NHS endorses soft drink? Insurance & obesity. Processed meat pumped up with water. Industry ignores voluntary codes. Irradiation. Allotment power. Tesco profits. ActionAid calls for trade justice. Omega-3 & obesity. (14/04/2005)

The Food Magazine Issue 68 The Food Magazine Issue 68

Organic certification & nutritional quality. Checkouts still fail the junk test. Nutrient loss in vegetables. Egg labelling. Improving food access for Londoners. Privatising public health. Food Commission’s 20th anniversary. (14/01/2005)

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