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Food Magazine issue 83Food Magazine issue 83

Calorie labelling, Nursery food, Sustainable communities, Health claims, Energy drinks, Additives, Junk food & obesity, Food sovereignty, Nanotechnology, Food safety, Elderly go hungry, Meat hygiene, Kellogg’s, Home care (03/12/2008)

The Food Magazine issue 82The Food Magazine issue 82

Unlabelled GM in cafes, Calories on menus, Supermarket sharp practice, Advertising to kids, Trans fats, Public analysts, Additives, Cattle disease, Education not exploitation, Royal warrents, Surplus food, A hungry planet? (29/10/2008)

The Food Magazine Issue 81The Food Magazine Issue 81

Additives.GM. Menu labelling. Advertising to children. Trans fats. Food fraud. Cattle disease. Companies in the classroom. Royal endorsement. Affordable fruit and veg. Vending machines. World hunger. Local food production. (01/06/2008)

The Food Magazine Issue 80 The Food Magazine Issue 80

Soft drinks. Baby food & formula. Sustainable fish. Supermarkets. Obesity. Trans fats. Additives in medicines. Healthy food costs more. Living wage. Free food for thousands. Environmental impact of livestock. Faking flavour. (10/03/2008)

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