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The Food Magazine issue 12The Food Magazine issue 12

Chemical residues in salmon. Companies reject irradiation. Clingfilm contamination. Trade in suspect BSE offal. EU delays decision on BST. More children living in poverty. Food companies target schools. (31/12/1990)

The Food Magazine issue 11The Food Magazine issue 11

Excessive saccharin intake. Campaigners wage war on TV ads. Milk hormone spurned. Pesticides in water. Breastfeeding mums shown the loo. GATT demystified. Irradiated food on sale soon. Chewing gum ingredients. Over-fishing threat to stocks. (30/09/1990)

The Food Magazine issue 10The Food Magazine issue 10

Food Safety Bill secrecy. Health experts confront advertisers. Animal feed colouring hazard. Lessons from BSE. Benefits inadequate for healthy diet. Plastic wrapping. Additives in booze. School meals after ILEA. Diet survey shows nation's health. (30/06/1990)

The Food Magazine issue 9The Food Magazine issue 9

Exclusive children's food ad survey. Fungicides in food. Aspartame safety doubts. Additives in medicines. Government ignores listeria advice. Greening of GATT. Food industry profits and payouts fuel inflation. Food policies go local. (31/03/1990)

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