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The Food Magazine issue 48The Food Magazine issue 48

Medical foods chaos. Breast enlargement pills. GM foods, the next generation. Organic Targets Bill. Fowl Deeds. BSE, it's not over yet. Flies transmit prions. Sweetened baby snack foods. Diet and behaviour. Food prices favour worse diets. (31/12/1999)

The Food Magazine issue 47The Food Magazine issue 47

Honey faces GM bombshell. Lunchbox food for kids. Tesco vouchers. 1% GM is GM-Free. McLibel ad campaign. Food miles report. WTO and GATT. No olestra. Fish and MAFF. Dioxins. Benecol labelling. Fortified junk special report. Coca-Cola madness. (30/09/1999)

The Food Magazine issue 46The Food Magazine issue 46

Shredded Wheat's heart claim. GM tolerance levels. Monsanto goes for water. GMOs raise pesticide use. EU approves irradiation. Lindane restrictions. Hormone-beef trade wars. Codex refuses BST approval. Food fortifiers EU battle. EU votes for school milk. (30/06/1999)

The Food Magazine issue 45The Food Magazine issue 45

GM scandal. Irradialed shellfish. Lindane ban call. Packaging contamination. BST regulators 'manipulated'. Cholesterol cutting spreads. Health food regulation. GM Freeze campaign. CAP reform. Which food poverty projects work? (31/05/1999)

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