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The Food Magazine issue 52The Food Magazine issue 52

Safe beef? Don't ask us, says FSA. BST debacle. BSE in sheep. Political donations. Food irradiation. Challenging the Red Tractor. Fresh, natural and pure? Fibre labelling chaos. Slimming claims condemned. Children's nutrition. Folic acid fortification? (31/12/2000)

The Food Magazine issue 51The Food Magazine issue 51

Organic standards hijacked. Nestle quits baby snacks. US reiects GM labels. BSE, time to act. Cattle pharming. Sugar trade under review. Eggs medicinal claims. Press releases avoid regulation. Mediterranean diet in a pill. Children's supermarket offers. (30/09/2000)

The Food Magazine issue 50The Food Magazine issue 50

Shredded Wheal claims 'illegal'. Ribena not tooth-kind. Erdlc fails to muzzle us. Child nutrition disasters. Nuts in nut-free meals. School meals review. Co-op bans junk ads. Vitamins pills regulated. 40% extra water in meat. Shrimp alert. (30/06/2000)

The Food Magazine issue 49The Food Magazine issue 49

No GM animal feed labels. Nestle's marketing code. ASA rulings. BSE news. Products targeted at children. Recycling waste into food. Next generation GM foods. Distributing surplus food. The cost of calories. Food poverty projects. Malnutrition. (31/03/2000)

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