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The Food Magazine issue 19The Food Magazine issue 19

GM food, do you have a right to know? Irradiation tests. Food poisoning increases. CAP failures. Wrangling over food claims. Port inspections end. Rating supermarkets on organic. UK agrees more additives. Low-alcohol labelling. (31/10/1992)

The Food Magazine issue 18The Food Magazine issue 18

Patients misled on diabetic foods. MAFF fails to ban toxic oils. Food testing inadequate. GATT and corruption. Adopt an organic farm. Agri-business wins CAP concessions. New handbook for Nursery Food. Kids see too much TV advertising. (31/07/1992)

The Food Magazine issue 17The Food Magazine issue 17

Are 'low calorie' ready meals healthy? Understanding E-numbers. Orange juice prosecutions. BSE cases increasing. Dioxins in food. Baby-friendly hospitals. Lead in bottled milk. Teaching kids nutrition. Supermarkets give veggies the V sign. (30/04/1992)

The Food Magazine issue 16The Food Magazine issue 16

Slimming product survey. School meals update. Launch of SAFE Alliance. Organic standards. Carrot contamination. Codex captured by food industry. Food irradiation news. Hygiene training on go-slow. (31/01/1992)

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