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The Food Magazine issue 36The Food Magazine issue 36

Cyclamate linked to testicular atrophy'. Bacteria killing more people than ever. Beef dumped at sea. Pepsico boycott. Aspartame and brain tumours. Time to end antibiotics abuse. UK leads Europe in pushing junk food ads to kids. Salt suspects. (31/12/1996)

The Food Magazine issue 35The Food Magazine issue 35

Supermarkets set to sell GM soya. Soya formula warning. Irradiated food. Functional food failing? Olestra news. UK clings to methyl bromide. Free trade will not solve food security. Ethnic minorities lose their traders. Spring water springs surprises. (30/09/1996)

The Food Magazine issue 34The Food Magazine issue 34

Lindane residues in milk. Drinks with excess saccharin. Phthalates and PVC plastics. Soya baby milks. BSE - did MAFF know? Where has all the gelatin gone? Ads - our complaints upheld. Slimming foods. Dental erosion. Companies fighting for salt. (30/06/1996)

The Food Magazine issue 33The Food Magazine issue 33

Functional foods make a fool of the law. MAFF's company directors. ASA chides Gaio. Apples not vegetarian. Dlestra goes to COMA. Beef Watch. Rome food summit. Vitamin A. Slimming adverts. Cheap bananas? Food for older people. (31/03/1996)

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