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The Food Magazine issue 28The Food Magazine issue 28

Soya milk oestrogen. BST to be banned. COMA heart report out. Chuck sweets off the checkout. EC weaning directive. How veg fight cancer. Cut-price food means poor health. Tackling poverty and diet. (31/12/1994)

The Food Magazine issue 27The Food Magazine issue 27

McDonald's libel case. Transport of live animals. Fish frauds. GM food questions. RSPCA Freedom Foods under fire. Baby milk code breakers. Poisoned by pesticides? Industry attack food guide. Food Miles: hidden costs of food transport. (30/09/1994)

The Food Magazine issue 26The Food Magazine issue 26

Transfats under fire again. Battery hens do suffer. New CAP policy for Soil Association. Nestle embarrases BPA. SAFE bio-count on farms. School food news. FDA corrupt over BST. Parents want kids ads curbed. GM tomato approved. (31/07/1994)

The Food Magazine issue 25The Food Magazine issue 25

MAFF suppresses organic report. Consumers trust pressure groups. Slimming foods break code. Woodmark launched. The modern dairy cow. Organic dairy farming is best. Feature on ethical trading. Fortified future - adding pills to junk. (30/04/1994)

The Food Magazine issue 24The Food Magazine issue 24

BST hormone reprieved. Co-op first to label GMOs. No ban on sheep dips. GATT deal faces attack. Hydrogenated oils. Baby milk codes to become law. Children, ads, sugar, TV. Supermarket GM policies. (31/01/1994)

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