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The Food Magazine Issue 75 The Food Magazine Issue 75

Adverts & breastfeeding. Trans fats. 5-a-day made easy? Call for beam trawl ban. Climate change & food. Poverty & nutritional health. Salt. Orchards. Advertising controls. GM. Meat industry. School meals. Report from Senegal. (14/10/2006)

The Food Magazine Issue 74The Food Magazine Issue 74

Industry is divided by nutrient labels. KFC sued. Artificial sweeteners. Salt. Mediterranean diet. Food & farming in China. Ofcom & junk food ad ban. New tricks target children. Probiotic & prebiotics. Cadbury & salmonella. (14/07/2006)

The Food Magazine Issue 73 The Food Magazine Issue 73

Unlabelled GM soya. Disney & junk food ban. Confectioners join forces to avoid a red light. FSA retreats on salt. Methyl bromide. Aspartame. Stopping the rot in nutrition science. Benzene. Climate change & food poisoning. (14/04/2006)

The Food Magazine Issue 72The Food Magazine Issue 72

Nutrition, mental health & behaviour. Supermarkets rated for health. Waitrose wins welfare award. TV product placement. Obesity. Declining mineral content of meat & dairy. GM terminator seeds. Flavourings. Additives. (14/01/2006)

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