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The Food Magazine issue 56The Food Magazine issue 56

GM soya in one loaf in seven. Slimming web adverts break Code. Mouldy nuts poison peanut butter. Dioxins contaminate food. Junk is easy choice. Food poverty reports. Pesticide salad dressing. Watered-down meat. Eating fossil fuel. (31/12/2001)

The Food Magazine issue 55The Food Magazine issue 55

Health food firms snub FSA warnings. EU stalls on irradiation. Children's food put on trial by parents. Caterers turn green. Additives make diets worse. GM labels ignore 1%. Breakfast bars are fatty and sugary. Healthier diets cost more. (30/09/2001)

The Food Magazine issue 54The Food Magazine issue 54

Soy sauce contaminant is common. Privatised meat inspection threat. Big boys take over organics. Companies hijack fruit appeal. Erdic ignores complaints. Cholesterol-lowering spreads. Parliament to end food poverty. Children's Nutrition Action Plan. (30/06/2001)

The Food Magazine issue 53The Food Magazine issue 53

Irradiated, illegal and on sale. BSE controls up in smoke. Irradiation creates egg toxins. Scientists question GM safety. Who pays for the CAP? ASA rules on company websites. Encouraging kids to eat a junk food diet. Better bread for a healthy heart. (31/03/2001)

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