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The Food Magazine issue 15 The Food Magazine issue 15

Rich and poor diet gap widens. Menu labelling law delayed. Free food to help the poor. Food irradiation loophole. Drug residues in animal feed. BSE remains high. Bio-yogurt claims. Saccharin in cider. School meals under threat. (30/09/1991)

The Food Magazine issue 14The Food Magazine issue 14

Baby food quality. Poor mothers go hungry. WHO warns on poor diets. Milky Way under fire. Leaflet accreditation proposed. Food sampling rates 'too low'. Pesticide labels. Saccharin in ice lollies. Salty secrets. Are diet products slimming? (30/06/1991)

The Food Magazine issue 13The Food Magazine issue 13

High sugar in baby milk. Cpmmercial baby food survey. Children's lunchboxes. Dentists criticise TV ads. Can companies own life? Army and prisons reject irradiation. New evidence of cyclamate toxicity. Food companies finance Tories. (31/03/1991)

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