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The Food Magazine Issue 67The Food Magazine Issue 67

Imported water fuels food miles. Toddlers' teeth, no improvement. Fish feed reduces nutrient value? School meals failing. Junk food disguised as ‘treat’. Regulators say Frosties not healthy. Plant sterols. Good food wasted. (14/10/2004)

The Food Magazine Issue 66 The Food Magazine Issue 66

Govt subsidises junk. McDonalds evicted from ward. Nestlé lures schools with 'fuel' for kids. Chicken fattier & less nutrients. Child meals a nutritional nightmare. Trust me, I'm a doctor. Parents go hungry to feed kids. (14/07/2004)

The Food Magazine Issue 65 The Food Magazine Issue 65

MOD warns on obesity & junk food. Parent Power works. Nestlé & Nutricia target vulnerable families. Olympic challence to Coke. Children's food still salty. Obesity & economics. The price of meat. Glycaemic Index explained. (14/04/2004)

The Food Magazine Issue 64 The Food Magazine Issue 64

Soft drinks or liquid candy? Boots flavoured water for babies. Nestlé uses poor science. Milky Way pretends to be healthy. Economics could shape diet. Organochlorines & obesity. Food miles. GM labels exclude meat and milk. (14/01/2004)

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