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The Food Magazine issue 23The Food Magazine issue 23

BST banned. Gene patents are 'piracy'. GM reports slated. French right to fight GATT. RSPCA symbol under fire. Homeless suffer poor nutrition. Ethical food award. Chicken soup saltier than meat. Low sugar claims mislead. Slimming ads face censure. (31/10/1993)

The Food Magazine issue 22The Food Magazine issue 22

Advertisers' dream, nutrition nightmare? Pesticides in water. Methyl bromide. BST bovine growth hormone. Additives in soft drinks. Sustainable consumerism. Baby milk advertising. Sweet yog-a-likes. Kids Get Cooking! Loopy Labels. (31/07/1993)

The Food Magazine issue 21The Food Magazine issue 21

No irradiated food checks. Biotechnology gets approval. Poor pesticide testing. Mad cows and Europe. 1m for organic farming. GATT and food quality. Snacks under scrutiny. Baby food thickeners. Abattoirs facing the chop. (30/04/1993)

The Food Magazine issue 20The Food Magazine issue 20

Poor quality pills for supplements. Irradiation laws broken. GM food doubts. Nestle boycott news. Pills for mothers-to-be. Greenpeace slams CAP. Destroying the ozone layer. Biodiversity in our diet. (31/01/1993)

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