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The Food Magazine issue 79The Food Magazine issue 79

Enzymes in everything we eat. Tax on unhealthy foods. Shopkeepers. Additives. UK apples. Vending machines in fitness centres. GM zombie seeds. Climate chaos and food supply. Truth, trust and tabloid TV. (30/09/2007)

The Food Magazine issue 78The Food Magazine issue 78

Nutrition info on menus. School food. Slavery & chocolate. Obesity. Breakfast cereals. Superfoods. Ice cream. Control of supermarkets. Farmers. Agricultural policy, health & environment. Edible landscapes. Ugandan land rights (14/07/2007)

The Food Magazine 77The Food Magazine 77

Child labour & chocolate. Salt. Junk food advertising. Bottled water. In support of sport. Additives and 'unwanted effects'. Bees. Fish stocks. Carbon labelling. Save our seeds. What does seasonal mean? (14/04/2007)

The Food Magazine issue 76 The Food Magazine issue 76

Fruit in cities. Healthy food in local shops. Alcohol, environment & health. Fair trade schools. Palm oil. Soaps & teenage drinking. Bread. Additives in medicine. Edible seaweed. Obesity. Junk advertising. Olympic allotments. (14/01/2007)

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